Reasons to Get Dental Bridges

Missing teeth is a big turn-off and can appear as if you have sunken cheeks. Not only that, but you may also experience discomfort while eating, biting problems, gum disease, etc. Any gap created by missing teeth can make you look older than you are, affecting your jawline. If the gap is in the front tooth, it can make you conscious about your smile and first impressions. Gap makes nobody happy but can lead to many problems. Tooth loss is a common problem and can be caused for many reasons. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 6 adults aged 65 have lost all their teeth. However, tooth loss is common among adults due to lifestyle such as smoking, alcohol, gum disease, etc.

No More Living with Teeth Gaps

Losing teeth due to decay, disease, or damage is not uncommon. Living with gaps or missing teeth can affect your quality of life. All the teeth work together to cut, tear, mix, and grind food into smaller pieces. If, in any case, some teeth are missing or experience tooth loss due to disease, trauma, injury, or lifestyle habits, then it can be troublesome. Foothill Dental Care can help in case of tooth loss or missing tooth by comprehensively examining the patient. A dental bridge is one of the most common ways to restore missing teeth. It is an artificial tooth (pontic) that is supported by teeth on either side of the gap. Although pontics are made from materials like gold, they are typically made from porcelain, which aesthetically blends in with natural teeth.

Reasons to Go for Dental Bridge

  • Restores the Appearance of the Smile and Shape of the Face

Teeth play an essential role in your appearance; having a full smile without missing teeth can improve your confidence level. Among many other reasons, dental bridge procedure is offered to restore the patient’s appearance and maintain the shape of their face. The correct alignment and placement can enhance the appearance and restore the sunken cheeks.

  • Improves Chewing and Speaking abilities

More than appearance, its functionality is of utmost importance. People with tooth loss or missing teeth experience difficulties cutting, tearing, or chewing food particles from teeth and have difficulty with sound or speaking. It properly distributes force while biting and prevents dental health problems.

  • Prevent Teeth Shifting

It also prevents teeth from shifting as teeth held in place can keep the side teeth intact as they may not lean toward either side due to lack of space.


If you have questions about the procedure and how to take care of it afterward, don’t be afraid to ask Foothill Dental Care by scheduling an appointment at (925) 961-5484. This is not just for cosmetic reasons but an investment for your dental and oral health and overall well-being.

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