Written Testimonials

  • “Thank you so much for going out of your way to help me with my complaint and for taking such good care of me when I was in need. I am extremely grateful for all of your help.”

    Pleasanton, CA
  • I have been seeing Roxanna Buchanan for several years now. She and her staff are very professional, courteous, and always on time. I can’t recall ever having to wait for than a few minutes. I have my teeth cleaned every 6 months, and I’ve also had one of those deep cleanings that you seem to need every 10 years or so. She and her staff definitely fit in the “painless dentist” category. I’m not one to have a lot of cavities (I thank my mom’s genes for that), but I did need a filling once. That experience was relatively uneventful as well. Roxanna also has a heart for the less fortunate. On several occasions she has treated clients of my non-profit organization Care 4 My Lambs Inc., free of charge. And she also helped with an outreach effort to Latina girls in the Livermore Area, focused on increasing the girl’s self-esteem. If you are looking for a kind and caring dentist, I highly recommend Roxanna Buchanan.

    Charlie T.
    Pleasanton, CA
  • I hate hate hate hate HATE going to the dentist. HATE IT…with a fiery, fearful, pleading passion. My daughters needed a checkup and I wanted to get my teeth cleaned and whitened before my wedding. Amy is the receptionist and records handler, she is friendly, helpful and goes above and beyond every time I’m there, Vanessa is the dental assistant and she is careful and sweet and has the softest touch! Both the doctors were super! I was nervous and tense, but was put at ease for both of my appointments. My oldest daughter had a cavity filled and was able to eat with no discomfort later that day. Stellar service, convenient location, wonderful staff. I’m going back for regular appointments.

    L.A. W
    Livermore, CA
  • I went to Dr. Buchanan because I had received an advertising postcard in the mail. Since this wasn’t a personal referral, I was very apprehensive. Dr. Buchanan saw me shortly after I arrived and was very reassuring. She examined, took X-rays, and cleaned my teeth, better than all the visits I’ve had with previous dentists. I told her of sensitivity I’d been experiencing on my left lower jaw and she soon found a crack in a filling which she replaced with a crown on a couple of other visits. I have had no pain or sensitivity since the new crown was fabricated. I experienced no discomfort during all of her treatments and would recommend her to anyone.

    Harry C.
    San Rafael, CA
  • I only have two memories of going to the dentist and neither were pleasant, including those painful injections. But, that has all changed since going to Dr. Buchanan. The injections were absolutely painless. As I was bracing for that initial piercing of pain, all I heard was okay that is done. Never felt a thing. Dr. Buchanan’s care was superb, as well as the staff. Caring and attention to detail. No rushing through the procedure just to get to the next patient. I highly recommend her.

    Wayne B.
    Pleasanton, CA
  • I was a dental coward, so in 2006, when I saw Dr. Buchanan’s slogan, “We Cater To Cowards, ” I decided to give her a shot. She was skillful enough both with the scary-looking instruments and with the calming techniques that I knew she was the dentist I wanted from then on. Within a few visits, I was comfortable enough that I no longer need nitrous oxide or whatnot to be okay with dental procedures. She cured me of my dental cowardice! I’ve been a loyal and satisfied customer ever since. Thanks, Dr. Buchanan!!!

    Alex D.
    San Ramon, CA
  • I enjoy this office because it is located in a nice serene environment in Pleasanton. I always get in and out of with no problems or waiting. Everyone is very friendly and Pam at the front desk is GREAT!

    Pleasanton, CA
  • It is always a pleasant experience when I go into the office. Love to catch up with the staff. They keep me laughing – without the gas! Thanks for always being there when I need you most!!!

    Kim F.
    Tracy, CA
  • I’ve been going to Dr. Buchanan for 5 years and have no complaints. Everyone is always very friendly and personable, especially Pam at the front desk.

    Annamarie D.
    San Jose, CA
  • I’ve never been so pleased with the outcome of Dr. Buchanan’s work. She replaced several crowns that showed the old metal material but what I couldn’t get over is how she had the crowns shaped.

    They look like natural teeth, arched at the top and even at the bottom. I Have had my fare share of Dentists, very highly regarded but none of them
    We’re apparently interested in getting the teeth to look straight or natural.

    Dr. Buchanan has made my teeth look so good that when I smile you can see how straight the back teeth are and white. Once again I have seen many Dentists through out my 56 years and none of them took them time to make the replacement of crowns looks cosmetically great.

    I just wished I had met her years ago! Her assistants are very sweet and nice and do a great job of explaining the procedure before, during and after!!

    Janice S.
    Dublin, CA
  • Dr. Buchanan always explains every procedure in detail and makes sure that she provides the most perfect outcome. She makes me and my family feel comfortable and her staff is welcoming and proficient.

    I highly recommend Dr. Buchanan at Livermore Dentists.

    Sun J.
    Livermore, CA
  • Friendly staff and efficient. Instead of going straight to having surgery Dr. Buchanan gave me a natural solution to my receding gums and hopefully it works. I like that approach better because it makes me feel like she really cares about my health and isn’t just looking for a fast buck.

    Kimberly C.
    Danville, CA
  • I have had the absolute pleasure of being a patient of Dr Buchanan for many years now. I remember being so thrilled when I had met her husband at my daughters acting class. He had mentioned his wife had her own dental practice in town.  I had been searching for a Great Dentist for quite a while, after having horrible experiences at previous dentists. I was Thrilled!! It must have been fate! She is wonderful, caring and takes her time explaining what she is doing while you are sitting in her chair. I refer her any chance I get. My four children, my husband and my mother-in-law are all her patients as well. I highly recommend making an appointment to have Dr Buchanan care for your Smile!!!

    Shannon R.
    Pleasanton, CA
  • I’ve been a patient of Dr. Buchanan’s for a number of years. After I relocated to the area I tried different providers, but they were either unprofessional or they wanted to sell me something I didn’t want or felt that I needed at the time. You have to try a few, sometimes, to find the right one for you. That’s when I met Dr. Buchanan.

    Routine checkups are never a problem. The staff has always been upbeat and helpful. Actually, a pleasure to do business with!

    In recent years I have been going through somewhat of a dental metamorphosis under the direction of Dr. Buchanan which was my choice. Correcting outdated dental work from the past, getting implants, and straightening my overbite. Heck, I’m 63 years old. Most folks my age probably wouldn’t bother. But I am so very happy with the results. I actually smile more! Dr. Buchanan is very thorough and very detailed in her work. She isn’t happy unless its’ right. That’s experience.

    If you are looking for a Livermore dental provider, I highly recommend Dr. Roxanne Buchanan.

    Nick S.
    Tracy, CA
  • My brother, who said Dr. Buchanan was “the best” recommended her to my daughter when she needed a dentist and after my dentist retired and I needed a dentist is when I decided to give her a try. What a great dentist and a great person, she really wants to take care of you and wants your teeth to look and feel there best. She spent a lot of time going over my x-rays and showing me what I needed to take care of now and in the future, it turns out these are the same things my previous dentist had talked to me about before he retired. That was good to know and I felt like I could trust what Dr. Buchanan was telling me. Since my last three visits, I’ve had a 30yr old crown replaced and finally got rid of the old metal fillings. Everyone in that office is very nice and doe’s a great job. They say that they cater to cowards and I’m one of them but I can tell you that there was No pain, from the person who cleaned my teeth to having my filling replaced……I recommend Dr. Buchanan and am happy to have her as my Dentist.

    Jim B.
    Cupertino, CA
  • I’ve been going to Dr. Buchanan since 2005 when I received her flyer in the mail “We Cater to Cowards”.  She is a skilled professional with a gentle touch and focused on ensuring the experience and outcome are beautiful.  My husband is now a patient and I would highly recommend to anyone who fears the dental experience and wants to a positive experience.

    Kelly J.
    Pleasanton, CA
  • My experience was just great I love coming to talk with you girls and the work is efficient and very very comfortable I love the setting I love it it’s like going to see old friends hope that helps. Don’t work too hard love Andrea.

    Andrea C.
    Livermore, CA
  • Dr. Buchanan’s attention and concern regarding my dental issue was very much appreciated. Her staff was also very helpful in making sure I had an appointment in a timely manner.

    Renee B.
    Pleasanton, CA
  • Roxanna and Mina were great. Roxanna takes her time with you and gets to know you. She is very good at explaining your needs to save your teeth. No pain best part of my experience.

    Sheila S.
    Pleasanton, CA
  • Dr. Buchanan and her great staff provided really attentive and professional care. I always enjoy my interactions there and going to her office is a pleasant experience to look forward to!

    Millard L.
    Dublin, CA

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First time after leaving dentist of 17 years

I felt warm and welcomed the minute I called to make an appointment. Wonderful Livermore office. Thank you for making this experience safe and welcoming after having to leave my other dentist of 17 years (they were too far away).

Lorrin H.

Fear of Dentists

This was the best experience I have ever had with dental “repair”. Dr. Buchanan made me feel comfortable and as relaxed as could be during my appt. I have had a strong fear of dentists until now. Now I am looking forward to having a healthy mouth again!

Dr. Buchanan, Jennifer & Jan are the best!

Carolyn S.

Very Good as Always

My appt. was on schedule as usual, and I was treated very nicely as always; clean environment and a good experience.

Amy P.

Joelle Greene

Terribly ironic, Joelle just told me that she was so nervous about getting her tooth pulled and Jenny held her hand which I thought was so terribly sweet. Thank you. Will be seeing you again.

Karen G.

After Cleaning Appointment

The hygienist is good! She gave me some tips to take more care of the hard to get parts of my teeth.

Teresita B.


Clean neat professional and friendly. Thanks.

Doug M.

My Experience With Dr. Buchanan & Staff

As per usual, my appointment was right on time. The technician cleaning my teeth was fast,and efficient – but most importantly, I did not walk out of there with a sore mouth. Dr came in and checked my teeth – talked with patient about further work that needed to be done. Thanks for another good visit.


Professional, Compassionate, & Excellent Dentist & Staff

As a person with “dental phobia” all my life & placing family care for twenty years above my own, I found the perfect fit with the discovery of dr. Roxanna buchanan.

She & her staff were compassionate, professional & allowed me to share my previous dental & personal experience in my own way, putting me at ease for my upcoming care.

I felt they have my best interest at heart & blessed to have found them.

Dr. Buchanan, Jennifer & Jan are the best!

Jude N.

Recent dental appt at Dr Buchanan

As always I was treated nicely and did not have to wait: for the procedure I had done, it went smoothly and I was in and out in about an hour, no problems afterward just had to wait for numbness to wear off of course.

Amy P.

Nice Office

First time at the Livermore office, very nice.

Rich B.

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