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Invisalign by Livermore Dentist

Many people desire straighter teeth, but they don’t want to deal with having metal brackets and the discomfort that comes with regular orthodontic work for sometimes years at a time. If this describes you, you should consider Invisalign at Foothill Dental Care in Livermore. Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible and involve no metal and are customized to fit your teeth. They are a series of plastic trays that are intended to gradually shift your teeth into place. Each tray is designed so that your teeth will be slightly straighter than the tray before. Typically, your teeth will move around 0.25 mm per tray. Our professional Livermore dentist will give you a new tray every two weeks, which slowly move your teeth towards their ideal positions.

All you need to do is pop the trays in and you’re ready to go! There is no need for uncomfortable and annoying brackets. Invisalign aligners are ideal for both adults and teens who are looking for more discreet straightening options.

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Treatment Process for Invisalign – What to expect

Invisalign Treatment Process | Livermore Dentists

There are 2 steps involved in getting Invisalign:

1. First, you should take Invisalign’s “Smile Assessment.” This is a way to test whether or not Invisalign is the right treatment for you and your dental needs. Then, you’ll make an appointment for a consultation with a knowledgeable Invisalign provider. They will be able to determine whether Invisalign will actually work for your teeth. At this time, you are encouraged to ask any medical or financial questions.

2. After your consultation, your dentist will do a digital scan on your mouth, which creates a customized treatment plan designed for you using precise 3-D images of your teeth. This will be used to track their movements throughout your treatment and to create your custom-built aligners. The trays are smooth and made from BPA-free plastic. They also won’t irritate your gums and are comfortable for continuous wear. About every two weeks, you will progress to the next set of aligners. Eventually, your teeth will shift into their final spots and your perfect smile will be revealed.

The aligners straighten out teeth with the use of a patented thermoplastic design. Invisalign not only controls how much force is used to straighten teeth, but it also controls the timing of force application. A few teeth are moved in each stage, which is determined by your doctor when they come up with a personalized treatment plan.

Treatment Timeline for Invisalign

For adults, the treatment time on average is around 12 months, which varies on the severity of each individual case. For teenagers, treatment time can differ. At Foothill Dental Care, our dentists will work closely with you in the development of a treatment plan, which will be entirely designed to your unique needs.

In addition, Invisalign providers may use attachments to further help the straightening process. In some cases, they might place tooth-colored composite “bumps” on your teeth, which will help the aligner grip your teeth better, resulting in the desired tooth movement.

If you have questions about Invisalign braces or any other service we offer at Foothill Dental Care in Livermore, give us a call at (925) 961-5484. We work with up-to-date technology and use techniques that provide are a comfortable and hassle-free experience. We can set up a consultation with one of our Invisalign Specialists, who will be able to answer all of your questions and determine if Invisalign is the best solution for your needs.

Invisalign Treatment Timeline | Livermore Dentists

$180 New Patient Special

Dental Exam, X-Ray, and Cleaning*

* Does not include deep cleaning

Dental Braces by Livermore Dentist

How Do Braces Work?

Traditional braces have advanced in the last few decades and are made from a lighter material and structure. Many people who require braces get them during their early teenage years, but they can also benefit adults. They are made from high-quality stainless steel and have metal brackets, which are attached to each tooth using a type of cement. Dental braces are designed to properly align your teeth and jaws to produce an even bite and better-looking smile.

How your dentist may apply braces on your teeth

Step 1: The wire is inserted into the brackets and this applies pressure to the teeth. Before applying the brackets (which are like handles and hold the arch wires that move the teeth), your orthodontist will need to take a mold of your teeth and make a cast. From there, they will be able to figure out how each tooth needs to be moved for them to be in the best possible position and decide how to place the brackets.

Step 2: Your orthodontist will then attach the brackets and insert the wire. You will notice that the wire is not perfectly even all across the arch. These bends are used to apply different amounts of pressure on different teeth. For example, there may be a slight bend in the wire helping a tooth that is too far forward line up with one that is a bit too far back, which will eventually perfectly align together. This bend in the wire is designed to encourage a tooth to face the right way.

Step 3: Only a small amount of force is needed for this process to occur, which is why you probably will not feel the pressure being exerted on your teeth for most of your treatment. It usually takes about three days for bone remodeling to start and then it takes around ninety days for the bone to be fully rebuilt in the socket. After you have your braces removed, your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly. Since it can take up to a year for the results to be fully stabilized, your dentist may take some extra x-rays and bite impression to make sure that everyone has aligned correctly and for those who haven’t had them removed, check to make sure that none of your wisdom teeth have developed while you were wearing your braces.

Additional Step: You will most likely be required to wear a retainer during this time so that your teeth don’t start to drift back to their original positions. A retainer, either removable or fixed, is an appliance that is worn to help your teeth uphold their new position once your braces are taken off. Most patients wear them all day for 6 months and then only need to wear them at night after that.

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Invisalign or Braces | Livermore Dentists

Which one is better “Invisalign or Metal Braces”?

While trying to whether you should get braces or consider Invisalign to straighten you or your child’s teeth, you’re probably going to have a lot of questions around the effectiveness and affordability. Braces and Invisalign were both designed to not only straighten your teeth but also improve your smile and oral health.

The ultimate goal is to not have to fix your teeth again.

How Are They Similar?

Braces and Invisalign treatments have a lot of similarities, even though they obviously look and feel different. Both have to be worn all day, though Invisalign trays should be removed while eating. Both also require a commitment from the patient to follow instructions when it comes to cleaning their braces and maintaining their oral health. Invisalign and braces effectively correct crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, and jaw position. Most patients are required to wear braces and Invisalign on average at least 16 months.

How Are They Different?

The biggest difference between braces and Invisalign is the method used to move teeth. Braces use metal brackets and high-tech wires that are attached to the teeth inside of the mouth throughout the whole treatment in order to change the position of the teeth. Elastics are often used in this process to help bring teeth into alignment.

Invisalign also moves teeth but uses a series of clear custom aligning trays, which are changed weekly. Invisalign can be a little more convenient, though braces could be a better option when it comes to treating certain orthodontic issues.

Things to Consider Before Getting Invisalign


  • Practically unnoticeable
  • Removable, which is good for eating and playing sports
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Similar in price as regular braces


  • Trays can stain if you don’t remove them while eating
  • Increased risk of cavities, mainly because of sugary drinks
  • Must be changed on a weekly basis

Things to Consider Before Getting Traditional Braces


  • Recommended for major orthodontic cases
  • Closes gaps and aligns teeth quickly
  • Newer high-tech wires are not as noticeable as the older style of braces
  • Elastic bands come in a variety and add some fun for kids


  • Flossing and brushing will definitely be harder
  • Must avoid certain foods and drinks
  • Mouth guards are recommended for athletes

When it comes down to it, choosing between braces and Invisalign is really a personal choice. To an adult or teenager, especially those who are self-conscious, Invisalign may be appealing. It’s removable, which makes it easier to eat, drink, brush, and floss more easily. But, the idea of having to keep removing your trays for meals or while drinking something other than water seems annoying, Invisalign is definitely not for you.

$180 New Patient Special

Dental Exam, X-Ray, and Cleaning*

* Does not include deep cleaning

Braces with our Livermore Dentists

Dental Braces | Livermore Dentists

At Foothill Dental Care in Livermore, our goal is to help you improve your beautiful smile and maintain good oral health. If you are in the market for braces, the dentists at Foothill Dental Care have provided a number of patients with beautiful smiles. Along with planning braces treatment, the dentists at Foothill Dental Care will also ensure that you will be provided affordable fees and flexible scheduling. At Foothill Dental Care, we believe that a nice smile can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Braces are the original tool to makeover smiles and you are never too never too old to take advantage of it. And getting braces is not always about looks, since having teeth that are properly aligned can help you bite, chew, and even speak better. Your teeth will also be easier to clean; help you keep your mouth free of tooth decay and gum disease. At Foothill Dental Care, we urge our patients to have regular visits to help us detect decay that can cause teeth to weaken and cause cosmetic problems. If you are interested in getting an appointment, call our office at (925) 961-5484 to schedule today.

On average, teeth straightening with dental braces can take as short as 6 months to as long as 2 years. In some severe cases, it can be even longer. Your orthodontist at Foothill Dental Care will be able to tell you an accurate estimate, usually based on the experience they have had treating patients.

While some people may get braces for mostly looks, there is also a lot of health benefits when it comes to having straighter teeth. Straight teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk for developing tooth decay and gingivitis. Many people have structural problems, which can be fixed by correcting their bite. This can help with jaw pain and also make chewing less painful.

Your Invisalign aligners are durable and strong, though not indestructible. Chewing can cause the aligners to break, crack, or distort, which will unfortunately negatively impact their effectiveness. One of the biggest advantages of Invisalign is the fact that the aligners can be removed, so you don’t have to change your diet.

Invisalign isn’t necessarily any more or less effective compared to braces. It is also not that great for complex orthodontic cases. Though many adults and even kids want to straighten their teeth without having to deal with metal braces. Invisalign is perfect for this!

Dentists and orthodontists both work with teeth, though they focus on different things when you visit them. When you go to your dentist for your regular check-ups and cleanings, it gives your dentist an opportunity to help you avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health conditions. It’s actually really important to see your dentist while wearing braces since it can be a little difficult to keep your teeth clean.

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How to Take Care your teeth After Getting Invisalign and Braces

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