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Have you ever consulted with a Livermore, CA cosmetic dentist about your smile? Most people don’t realize that instead of just focusing on oral health, some Dentists also look to improve the appearance of your teeth. At Foothill Livermore Dental Care we strive to take care of your regular checkups while giving you the opportunity to make personalized improvements to your smile. Whether you already have a change in mind or just need a consultation with a professional, contact either one of our convenient locations.

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Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Services | Livermore Dentists

We encourage patients to look at a cosmetic change as an investment into their self-confidence. How many times a day do you interact with others? Are you shying away from presenting a smile because you aren’t happy with the look of your teeth? We understand how you feel and will work with you to come up with a plan to make enhancements that will keep you showing off that smile. We work with Bridges, Crowns, Implants, and Veneers.

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If you live in Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, or Pleasanton, CA, cosmetic dentist services from Foothill Dental Care is ready to meet with you. From the very beginning we are committed to listening to your concerns to find out the specifics on what you want to change. From there, we offer solutions to fit almost any budget. If you are ready to show off an enhanced smile, set up an appointment. You may be surprised at what a difference we can make.

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