New Year Resolution for Healthy Teeth Livermore

As the new year approaches, we feel we need to make changes in our lives. It is more like starting on a new path, getting rid of old unhealthy habits, and doing new things to help you grow. You want to become a better version of yourself and get rid of something you have wanted for some time. Dental health is as important as physical, mental, or overall health. It is time for you to pay heed to your oral health and make substantial changes in your life. Being ignorant about dental health with hectic work or personal life can be common. Sometimes, if a person is busy with work, they may take less than two minutes to brush their teeth. If you brush for less than two minutes, you are likely not cleaning well. Tooth brushing and flossing must be done daily without fail. If you continue, you may leave behind tidbits in your mouth that allow bacteria to prey on it. This can cause many problems, such as bad breath and cavities.

Toothbrush twice and floss once a day

Please start with the basics; always make it a point to brush your teeth for two minutes twice daily. Flossing once at night can help remove tidbits in between your teeth. Position the bristles at a 45-degree angle toward the gumline and move the toothbrush across the teeth. The American Dental Association suggests replacing toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months.

Dental cleaning

Regular dental cleanings can help remove plaque that builds around lower teeth, upper back, or other problem areas that are hard to reach. Going for a dental cleaning once every six months is suggested, but in some cases, more frequent cleaning can be beneficial.

Breaking bad habits

It is time you quit smoking for dental and overall health. We understand it is difficult to leave and requires much time and support. But once you decide and work toward it, you may be pretty close behind it. Some people have a habit of teeth clenching or grinding due to stress, anxiety, or various other reasons. You can be more mindful of your habits and seek advice from a dentist.

Focus on display

Tea, coffee, wine, and tobacco can likely affect your white teeth. You should get back your shiny whites and can visit the dentist for teeth whitening recommendations. With proper consultation and information, it is recommended to DIY teeth whitening at home.

Look after your teeth

If you have crooked teeth or need fillings, it is better to go for them than sit over them. Crowns and implants can help provide structure and maintain tooth alignment. Schedule an appointment with Foothill Dental Care at (925) 961-5484  for a regular check-up today.

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