If You Drink Too Much Soda, Then This is for You!

How Sodas Hurt your Teeth?

Both adults and kids prefer sodas due to their taste. Have you ever thought about how convenient it is for anyone to grab a soda? You can find it all over, in vending machines, supermarkets, and more. It is everywhere! Don’t forget that advertisements have made it popular, making it hard for anybody to ignore the soda brands. You might not realize how ubiquitous sodas are unless you stop drinking them. Do you know an average can of sugar-sweetened soda or fruit punch has 150 calories from added sugar? Imagine if you were to drink just one of these sugary drinks every day and not cut back on calories. It not only leads to weight gain but is strongly associated with obesity and Type 2 diabetes. It is also bad for your smile as it might lead to cavities or tooth decay if you don’t care for your teeth properly.

The two main dental effects of drinking soda are erosion and cavities. Acids in soft drinks can erode the tooth surface, dissolving enamel, the outermost protective layer on teeth. Acids reduce the hardness of the enamel. The other most common is a cavity, as soft drinks can affect the next layer of dentin and composite fillings. It is more likely to attract cavities if you have poor oral hygiene. It happens over time, but poor dental health may result in a lot of damage.

How to Protect your Teeth?

  • Reduce the number of drinks – Can you stop drinking soda? It is hard for people addicted to sodas, but you can always reduce the number of drinks without second thoughts. Be mindful and try not to drink it daily and gradually reduce the number of drinks.


  • Drink fast – Try to drink more quickly than taking your own time. The longer you take to drink, the more sugar and acids stay, damaging your teeth.


  • Straw – You can use a straw as it may help acids and sugar stay away from your teeth.


  • Rinse your mouth – Always rinse your mouth after drinking soda, as water helps flush out the remaining sugar and acids from your teeth.


  • Brush your teeth after some time – Rinsing your mouth works but don’t brush your teeth immediately. After drinking soda, your teeth would be highly susceptible, and you must wait 30 to 60 mins to brush your teeth.


  • No soda before bedtime – Never drink soda before your bedtime. As it keeps you up, and also the sugar and acids will attack your teeth all night.


  • Schedule dental appointments – Don’t miss out on your regular dental appointments. Always go for dental check-ups and cleaning before problems worsen.

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