Harmful Dental Trends Livermore

Human teeth contain the hardest substance called enamel in the body. Teeth help with speech, grinding or chewing food, and many other things. Missing, crooked, or worn-out teeth can make one look older, so it is essential not only for functioning but our overall appearance. Some people need to pay more attention to their teeth as required due to various reasons, including their dental insurance benefits. We often indulge in bad habits like mindless eating, sipping or biting ice chips, and using our teeth to open packets, cans, etc. The following dental practices are considered harmful, even if they appear otherwise.

  • DIY Whitening Teeth

Everyone is looking for ways to save money. Plenty indulge in DIY projects now and then, as a guide to everything is readily available online. DIY has become popular; people use whitening kits or over-the-counter teeth whiteners. At-home options are likely preferred nowadays. But do you know it can lead to problems such as mouth infections, stomach issues, nerve damage, etc? Moreover, using the products can likely burn your gums or teeth. It always risks causing harm to your teeth rather than doing good.

  • Teeth Tattoos

The trend of tattoos has grown exponentially over the last decade globally. Ornamental decorations on teeth were used for religious practices, but now it is widely accepted among influencers, etc. Tooth tattoos can be in the form of stickers or permanent cosmetic modifications of an artificial crown. These cosmetic modifications can adversely affect oral health.

  • Oral Piercings

Oral piercings are dangerous as your mouth contains bacteria and can quickly swell and get infected. If it swells much, it can block the airway or even cause choking if that piece of piercing breaks in your mouth.

  • Tooth Jewels

A tooth gem is a jewel that can be attached to your teeth by a dentist, dental hygienist, qualified tattooist, or participating salon. It can be temporary, but it can wear off the enamel over time. It may be good to look at for some, but it can have adverse effects.

  • DIY Dentistry

Rather than visiting a dentist, some people file tooth chips, use over-the-counter material for temporary fillings, and attempt their extractions. It is not advisable to do it yourself but visit a dentist for any treatment.

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