Did You Know This About Your Teeth?

There is much more to learn about teeth as there are many stories to tell! Trust us; there is much more about teeth than simply chewing the food. Some do not pay much attention to oral hygiene while others do, but most do not think teeth are beyond chewing the food. People often take teeth for granted, but there are things that you don’t know about your teeth that exist.

Did You Know Your Teeth are Uniquely Yours?

Every individual is born with fingerprints. Each fingerprint is unique and different, like a crime scene in a detective series. The same thing goes for teeth, everyone has a unique tooth print, and the size, shape, and placement are all one of a kind.

Enamel is the Hardest Part of the Body

Most people believe bones are the strongest part of the body. No, it is not true! Enamel is the hardest part of the body. Just because it is the hardest part doesn’t mean it can’t be eroded. Remember, your teeth are more likely to be eroded by bacteria. It is always advised to take a proactive approach to dental hygiene.

Your Mouth Contains 300 Types of Bacteria

Bacteria are living beings, and they eat, grow, reproduce, and discharge waste in your mouth! Believe it or not, your mouth is home to 300 types of bacteria. Daily brushing helps keep the bacteria at optimal levels without causing damage or decay.

Yellow Means Decay

Catching tooth decay in its early stage can minimize the damage or even reverse it. So, paying attention to the discoloration of teeth is essential. If you eat a sugary substance or starch, the bacteria in your mouth are more likely to feed on it, leaving behind acids. Over time, these acids break down the calcium and minerals in your tooth enamel. Then the bacteria continue to damage your enamel, and you might notice yellow or grey color to your cavities.

Plaque is the Enemy

After four hours of brushing, plaque can be formed. Millions of bacteria form plaque; bacteria feed on them once you eat sugary substances, leaving behind acids. It is essential to brush your teeth regularly and make sure no tidbits are on your teeth.

Teeth Can Tell Stories About You

While the primary purpose of teeth is to chew food, they also provide a lasting record of personal history. Your teeth can talk about how healthy you eat, and their size can tell your approximate age. Teeth loss can also be a sign of diseases, such as heart disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis, and skin or blood problems. You can even find out about stress from your teeth.

You Spend a Day a Year to Brush Your Teeth

An average person brushes for only 45 seconds, whereas they must do it for at least 2 minutes. However, a person is more likely to spend a day brushing their teeth in a year. Interesting isn’t it!


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