Common Mistakes with Invisalign Livermore

If given a choice among braces or clear aligners, which is your likely choice, clear aligners, isn’t it! Honestly, you are not alone in the growing popularity of aligners for realignment or straightening of teeth. The Invisalign is made from a flexible thermoplastic material and may not be completely invisible, but it fits tightly over your teeth and is much less noticeable. Research suggests that Invisalign may be more effective for some issues than others, such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, gap teeth, crowded teeth, etc. Depending on your severity, the process can vary and be lengthy. It starts with an orthodontist taking 3-D images of your jaws and mouth. Then, these images help to put a plan together in place and, with its help, create a series of customized plastic aligners. The idea is that these aligners apply pressure to the teeth, steadily moving them into desired places.

Wearing it for 20-22 hours daily is essential for Invisalign to work. It is important to be very careful with aligners, as any complexities can determine whether they can work out. It may take longer if you have more complex spacing or bite issues. Even age and sex are other variables that can affect a person’s tooth movement. You can’t take your oral health lightly once you get the Invisalign. Sometimes, people commit common mistakes or need to pay heed after getting the aligners.

  • Not doing enough research about Invisalign and dental provider

Sometimes, people must think through their decision for Invisalign. What are the pros and cons? Does it help their case? Will they be able to reap benefits from it by following a disciplined routine with oral health? Is the provider an expert and has performed successful procedures?

  • Eating or drinking with Invisalign

Sometimes, people must remember they wear Invisalign while eating or drinking and do not remove them. The food debris can cause bacteria to feed on it, leaving behind the sticky, acidic film called dental plaque. It causes cavities and tooth decay, leading to harmful bacteria and yellow teeth.

  • Not doing a thorough teeth cleaning

Refrain from thinking of it as too much work in cleaning your teeth. It is more about being mindful and carefully cleaning your teeth.

  • Not cleaning Invisalign

You must clean the aligners as much as cleaning the teeth is essential. Food can stick in Invisalign; you must remove them and clean aligners and teeth. Swishing mouth, rinsing aligners, and method can be implemented.

  • Using toothpaste to clean

Toothpaste for cleaning Invisalign is not a good idea as it can stain your trays. Orthodontists can suggest some great ways to keep your trays clean.

  • Smoking with Invisalign

Are you a smoker? Smoking causes bad breath, and with Invisalign, it might linger around for a long time. Moreover, it can stain your teeth, and you may see the difference quickly.

  • Expecting immediate results

Also, you are mistaken if you believe that Invisalign can give you results immediately. It is quicker than other traditional methods and requires some time to reap results, depending on how bad your teeth are.


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