• We exceed CDC, State, County and local guidelines for deep cleaning & disinfecting all surfaces
  • Doctors & staff following CDC guidelines for hand washing and sanitizing hands between patients
  • We monitor body temperature and oxygen level of our patients and employees
  • We used an advanced air sanitizer device
  • Observing social distancing guidelines to allow for 6 feet between patients and offering private treatment rooms
  • Waiving cancellation fees if you need to cancel your appointment due to illness or infection
  • Please stay home if you are sick. We encourage all patients who are ill and/or have symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, shortness of breath, and cough to seek medical attention.

We have been serving this community for over 20 years. We have the utmost concern for our patients and staff. We, as people, need to stay calm, vigilant with our prevention tactics, and work aggressively towards regaining and maintaining our health. Be kind and supportive to each other. We are a strong Nation and we will persevere.

Remember: We are here to serve you.

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