Should You Pull Wisdom Teeth?

Your wisdom teeth will not make you smarter, but they come around 17 to 21. It is usually advised that adults should get their late blooming teeth removed; otherwise, they will cause discomfort and pose a considerable problem in the long run. They are the toughest and most comprehensive that grind your food. They are most commonly missing from an adult’s mouth. Research suggests that around 5 million people get their wisdom teeth removed yearly. However, if your wisdom teeth are straight, erupt normally through your gums, and are positioned in a way that doesn’t affect your toothbrushing and biting, you may not have any problems.

Most people get wisdom teeth removed for the following reasons –

  • Dispositioned – There are times when the wisdom teeth do not come straight as they should and are at different angles than the rest.
  • Cavities – People sometimes do not pay much attention to the back teeth and gently brush them. Wisdom teeth are at the back and may get neglected depending on the person unless the person is willing to brush twice a day thoroughly by removing the tidbits between the teeth.
  • Pain – If you have pain due to a different angle or cavities, it is time to get rid of teeth.

If you decide to get your wisdom teeth extracted or removed, then Foothill Dental Care can help you. You may consult our dentists, who can give advice that will help your case. They will thoroughly examine your teeth and condition and then suggest the best possible solutions that will work in your case. Depending on the case, if extraction is the best possible solution, then the patient is prepared for the surgery. Thoroughly discuss health problems, medications, different types of anesthesia, and the time off you need for surgery. There are different types of anesthesia so you don’t feel the pain, such as numbing the mouth or breathing laughing gas, and drugs through veins to make you drowsy throughout the procedure.

During the procedure, you’ll be given the anesthesia you choose, and then the dentist may cut your bone or gums to reach the teeth. If so, they stitch the wounds to heal faster. They may also stuff pads to soak up blood; stitches usually dissolve after some time. After the procedure, follow the dentist’s advice, take medications, do not brush on blood clots, and start from the second day. Eat soft foods like rice, pasta, etc., gently open and close your mouth for exercise, drink fluids and reach out in case you have a fever or if there is no improvement in pain or swelling.


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