3 Easy Tips to Have a Healthy Mouth During Halloween

halloween candy and keeping a healthy mouth

Halloween is around the corner, which means candy, candy, and more candy for kids. And when kids have easy access to all kinds of sweets, they can get carried away. And let’s not lie, it can also be pretty tempting for adults, too. Here are three ways everyone can keep their mouth healthy during Halloween.

Stay away from the sticky stuff

Besides how often you snack on candy, the length of time you have sugary foods in your mouth also plays a role in tooth decay. The stickier candies, such as taffy and gummy bears, also take longer it will take for the sugar to get washed away by saliva.

Don’t Hand Out Hard Candies

Hard candies are a candy category you should consider avoiding when handing out candy. Once you chew this type of candy, it breaks into little pieces. It is common for one of those sugary shards to get wedged between your braces and teeth. And if we know anything, that is just a cavity waiting to happen.

Try and eat candy with meals

We know candy can is hard to resist, especially for kids, after they’ve done a lot of hard work trick or treating for it. If you can, try to get them to eat Halloween candy and other sugary foods with their meals or after mealtime. Since saliva production increases when we eat, it can help neutralize acids created by bacteria in your mouth, as well as rinsing away food particles.

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